Logging-in to the Web Control Panel

How to login to the Web Control Panel.

The Web Control Panel (WCP) can be accessed on port 8080 of every domain name in your account. That is, if your web site is located at http://yourname.zenutech.com/, then you can access the WCP at http://yourname.zenutech.com:8080/.

Caution! Many office networks have firewalls installed that block port 8080 as well as other high port numbers. You will not be able to access the WCP until port 8080 is unblocked.

Once you access http://yourname.zenutech.com:8080/ you will be prompted for your Account ID and password.  Your Account ID and password was originally presented to you in your welcome e-mail when you signed-up.  If you can not remember your Account ID and/or password, simply send us an e-mail.

Posted 2008-03-23 in Control Panel