Do you provide Whois Privacy protection with domain name registrations?

Domains eligible for Whois Privacy protection services

Yes we can provide Whois Privacy protection for domains registered through Zenutech. Whois Privacy protection is available for domains with the following extensions (TLDs):

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .info
  • .biz
  • .name
  • .tv
  • .cc
  • .me
  • .co

To enable Whois Privacy for a domain name that is registered with Zenutech, please send an email to our support department by visiting our contact page.

Our WHOIS Privacy service protects your personal personal information from spammers and other intruders by making sure it is not exposed in public WHOIS databases. The registrant’s WHOIS data is on file with our Registrar (Tucows – Opensrs).

The following is an example of the Whois information displayed for the domain name “”, when the Whois Privacy service is enabled.


For .ca domains, the .ca registry CIRA automatically applies its own WhoIs privacy service on “Individual” .ca domain names.  According to CIRA’s WhoIS Frequently Asked Questions, an individual Registrant is “a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, legal representative, or an aboriginal person.   All other legal types are considered non-individuals.”  .ca Domain names registered as non-individuals will have their WhoIs information publicly viewable at the CIRA website.

Posted 2008-03-30 in Domain Names